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ISA Certified Arborist


Licensed and Insured 

Areas we service:
Ann Arbor, Bancroft, Bloomfield Hills, Brighton, Birmingham, Byron, Canton, Clarkston, Chelsea, Commerce Township, Dansville, Davisburg, Dexter, Durand, East Lansing, Farmington, Farmington Hills, Fenton, Fowlerville, Franklin, Gaines, Grand Blanc, Grass Lake, Gregory, Hartland, Hamburg, Highland, Holly, Howell, Jackson, Keego Harbor, Lake Fenton, Linden, Livonia, Mason, Milford, Morrice, New Hudson, Northville, Novi, Okemos, Perry, Pinckney, Plymouth, Pontiac, Rankin, Salem, Saline, South Lyon, Stockbridge, Swartz Creek, Sylvan Lake, Waterford, Waterloo, Walled Lake, Webberville, West Bloomfield, Westland, White Lake, Whitmore Lake, Williamston, Ypsilanti 

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Who is Kevin Carriere a.k.a Tree Bird?

Kevin Carriere is the owner and operator of Tree Bird Tree Service LLC. He has been mastering his craft as an arborist in southeast Michigan since 2009 and strives to continue to perfect the trade.

Kevin is a Certified Arborist credentialed by the International Society of Arboriculture.

What does that mean you ask?

That means that Kevin has attained a generally-accepted level of knowledge in areas such as tree biology, diagnosis, maintenance practices, safety, and other subject and practice areas within the tree care profession as identified through periodic job task analyses and he wants to help tree owners and government decision makers with the opportunity to become better informed about proper tree care and their selection of services based on his expertise. That also means Kevin follows the ANSI A300 Standards of practices in the tree care industry and is required to abide by the ISA Certified Arborist® Code of Ethics.

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Our Services

Trees are our specialty


Tree Care

Kevin uses a plant health care approach to help manage and monitor your plants health, structure and appearance using proper planning, plant selection, and a wide range of cultural practices aimed toward improving soil and site conditions. He cares for a plant holistically when making management decisions that will focus on plants and their interactions with the living and nonliving elements of your landscape.

Tree Pruning

Before pruning a tree, one should understand the physics of tree pruning, rigging, biology and basic requirements of trees in order to optimize tree health and structure while following proper safety regulations and protocols. Improper pruning techniques cause damage that remain for the life of the tree. Kevin's knowledge of a tree's response will help you achieve the desired objective throughout the pruning process.


Tree Removal

Whether you're a homeowner looking to cut down a tree that poses a significant amount of risk of personal injury and property damage or a contractor tasked to clear a large portion of wooded land for development. Kevin is trained and equipped to safely and completely remove trees of various sizes and stages of decomposition.

Stump Grinding 

Tree Bird Tree Service LLC should be your top choice for stump grinding because of the impecable attention to detail, competitive rates and customer their satisfaction guarantee. We'll make it look like it was never there.


Land Clearing

Tree Bird Tree Service LLC specializes in efficient and professional land clearing projects. With their expertise and heavy equipment, they can clear your land quickly and effectively, saving you time and effort. Their services ensure thorough and safe removal of trees, stumps and vegetation, leaving your property ready for the next phase of development or landscaping. Trusting Tree Bird Tree Service LLC guarantees a hassle-free and superior land clearing experience.

Spring and Fall Clean Ups

Hiring Tree Bird Tree Service LLC for your sprig and falls clean ups offers the benefit of professional and reliable services. With their expertise, they can efficiently remove debris, leaves, and branches, ensuring the cleanliness and beauty of your landscape. Leave the job to the experts and enjoy a well-maintained outdoor space all year round.

Fall Foliage

Tree Risk Assessment 

Our tree risk assessment can help you evaluate the potential risks posed by a tree, including the likelihood of it failing and causing harm or damage to people or property. It involves inspecting the tree for signs of decay, disease, or structural instability, and assessing its proximity to targets such as buildings, roads, or utility lines. The assessment helps to identify potential hazards and determine the appropriate course of action, such as pruning, removal, or monitoring, to mitigate the risks.

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Oak Wilt? What’s that?

Oak wilt in Michigan

Oak wilt is a devastating tree disease that has been wreaking havoc on oak trees in Michigan, particularly in residential areas. This fungal disease poses a serious threat to one of the state's most iconic tree species, and homeowners should be aware of the symptoms, prevention methods, and treatment options available to combat it.
First discovered in Wisconsin in the 1940s, oak wilt has since made its way to Michigan, where it has claimed the lives of thousands of oak trees. It primarily affects red oak species, but white oaks are also susceptible to the disease. Oak wilt spreads rapidly through root systems or by sap-feeding beetles, which carry the fungal spores from infected trees to healthy ones, thus accelerating the disease's progress.
One of the major concerns of oak wilt is its ability to wipe out entire stands of oak trees in a given area. Since oak trees are often prevalent in residential areas, the disease poses a significant threat to homeowners who value the aesthetic, environmental, and economic benefits that these trees provide.
The first signs of oak wilt in an infected tree are wilting and discoloration of leaves. The wilting starts at the outer edges and progresses inward toward the trunk, eventually causing the entire tree to shed its leaves prematurely. This wilting occurs quite rapidly, often within a few weeks. Another tell-tale sign is discoloration, where the leaves turn a bronze or reddish-brown color before finally falling off.
To prevent the spread of oak wilt to healthy trees, it is essential to act quickly. If you suspect oak wilt, it is crucial to contact a certified arborist or a local extension office for proper identification and assistance. Immediate actions should be taken to prevent the spread, including pruning infected branches to remove them from healthy trees. It is advisable to avoid pruning oaks from April through July, as sap-feeding beetles are most active during this period.
Fungicide treatments can be applied to protect healthy oaks from becoming infected, but they work best as a preventive measure rather than a curative one. These treatments are injected into the tree's trunk, and the fungicide inhibits the growth of the fungus, providing a degree of protection for a few years.
In residential areas where oak wilt is prevalent, proactive community efforts are crucial. If an infected oak tree is identified, quick removal and proper disposal of the tree should be executed to prevent the disease from spreading further. This means cutting the tree down and chipping or burning the wood to ensure the fungal spores do not spread through insects or wind.
Furthermore, homeowners can participate in preventative programs designed to protect their oak trees. These efforts typically involve inspecting trees for symptoms, pruning trees during the correct seasons, and adopting proper measures to prevent the transmission of oak wilt, such as covering fresh wounds and removing infected wood promptly.
The impact of oak wilt on residential areas in Michigan cannot be understated. The loss of mature oak trees diminishes the natural beauty of neighborhoods, reduces property values, and disrupts the ecosystem. Therefore, it is imperative for homeowners to educate themselves about oak wilt, recognize the warning signs, and take appropriate actions to minimize the disease's impact on their beloved oak trees. By working together and implementing preventive measures, we can protect Michigan's oak tree population and preserve the natural heritage for future generations.

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